InsurtechBalkans Hub believes in extensive co-operation as one of the most important factors for success in its mission. We are closely cooperating with Fintechguardian NGO - the European Association of Fintech Stakeholders. We have reached directly or through Fintechguardian Memoranda of Understanding with many institutional and private Insurtech promoters between them being: Insurtech Hub Istanbul, Insurtech Israel, Insurance Supervision Agency of Nord Macedonia, Insurtech Ireland. We constantly work on enlarging our presence entering into relations with global, regional and local Insurtech players.


Having organized more than 10 events, we are able to create productive experiences in line with your innovation goals. Mixing expertise in Insurtech scouting and event management, we provide all necessary services under one roof for our clients. We own the trademark #InsurtechBalkans and in 2017 we started the #InsurtechBalkans series of Insurtech events, being already in Sofia, Skopje and Belgrade and continuing further to Balkan Insurtech Summit in 2021 (MORE)


Supported by its Insurtech Crowdfunding Platform (ICP) the InsurtechBalkans Hub strives to bridge the best Insurtech ideas from the Balkans with reliable investment capital, able to support founders' efforts for mutually beneficial funding. For more information, please visit the Insurtech Crowdfunding Platform section of the site


InsurtechBalkans Hub both develops own educational program in Insurtech as well as partners with leading providers of Insurtech education across the Globe. We offer well known and valuable products aiming at broad penetration in the Balkans area, where lies our primary focus. 


Our publishing program, bundled with own marketing facility, is offering to our members and the broader audience access to up-to-date books an other related materials in the area of Insurtech. We bring forward renowned and new authors. More INFO


InsurtechBalkans Hub works with insurers and intermediaries as trusted advisor on Insurtech innovation and startup engagement. We provide a customized, hands-on, and results-driven approach for each client. InsurtechBalkans Hub provides startup scouting services in the Balkans and globally for  our clients from the Insurance industries on frequent and on-demand basis. This is a great opportunity for companies looking to explore a Insurtech startup ecosystem. We begin and follow-through till the end using our proprietary methodology and network.