InsurtechBalkans Hub is ... a complex structure comprising of insurance, investment, educational and publishing arms creating cross - industry partnerships thus building an ecosystem where, startups, investors, universities, research institutions and field experts as well as governmental entities may contribute towards development of robust Balkan Insurtech environment. Our mission is to foster innovative advancements through value creation for our stakeholders. We are closely connected with Fintechguardian NGO - the European Association of Fintech stakeholders. We believe that flexible and innovative entrepreneurship is the corner-stone for overhaul of the insurance industry for the benefit of the consumers and the society as a whole. We aim at guiding Insurtech founders through a variety of programs every year, connecting them with world-class mentors and investors. Our efforts are leveraged by the InsurtechBalkans Crowdfunding Platform (ICP) - the investment arm of the Hub. This is state-of-the-art crowdfunding investment platform allows private investments up to 200 000 EUR to be channeled toward the hand-picked Insurtech projects and ventures, developed by the Hub members. ICP is cross-border active and EU regulatory framework compliant. ICP is cross-border active and EU regulatory framework compliant. For more information, please visit the ICP section of the site.